White is my favourite colour! It’s simple, it’s chic, it’s elegant, it’s classy.

My Mum often questions why I buy white… not because I’m clumsy, not because I spill everything, but because I wear fake tan. A white dress and fake tan doesn’t bode well for the washing machine!

Nevertheless, I still buy it, I still wear it and I still love it!

The latest item I’ve added to my white collection is this beautiful Topshop playsuit, £46.


It’s really flattering, and really good for hiding bloating after food and drinks!

I kept it simple wore with my pale pink tie sandals from asos for a recent night out on holiday.

I wonder what my next white purchase will be!



Life is Golden

My life in make-up is 100% gold, not just any gold, Charlotte Tilbury gold!

It all started with a voucher I received a couple of years ago for Harvey Nichols in Leeds. A family member gave me it as a birthday present and recommended I visit the CT counter in store.

After that I was converted.

My first purchases were a lipstick in Penelope Pink and the Cheek to Chic blush in Love is the drug which became my everyday favourites. Since then, I’ve changed my Cheek to Chic shade to First Love as I feel it compliments my skin tone better, although both shades are lovely!


As you can see, my collection has grown a fair bit! Luckily, a lot of it has been through birthday and Christmas presents so I haven’t splurged too much (maybe).


I received a Dreamy Look Clutch for Christmas, which I love! The contents included the Dolce Vita eye shadow palette (my fave), a lipstick called Secret Selma, small versions of Legendary Lashes, Rock ‘N’ Kohl and Lip Cheat in shade Pillow Talk.

I adore this look. The eye shadows have a rose gold, coppery feel to them and really bring out my blue eyes. I also love the lipstick, it’s darker than my everyday colour but it’s brilliant for special occasions. The mascara is also amazing! As soon as it runs out I am buying the larger version, my lashes are so much fuller and longer when I’m wearing it.



Light wonder is definitely one of my favourite ever foundations. The name says it all, it’s light and it’s wonderful!

It glides on so easily and instantly brightens and smooths my complexion. A lot of people like their foundations quite think, so it might not be for everyone as it’s quite thin, but I’d definitely recommend giving it a try.

Filmstar Bronze & Glow. Does it even need an introduction? Possibly the best product on the market right now.

As you can see from the photo, I love the bronzer! In the past I’ve struggled with bronzers, they’re either too orangey for my complexion or simply too dark. This shade works perfectly with my skin tone.

I keep my make-up to a minimum day to day, and it’s brilliant for adding some colour. For a night out, I build it up and contour my complexion. The shimmer is also lovely for adding extra sparkle and accentuating my features.

And here’s the finished result! Life is definitely better when it’s golden!

Finishing Touches (Pt. 2)

Elephants are one of my favourite animals so I instantly fell in love when I spotted this bedding in Matalan!

I’m really into neutral colours and patterns and feel this bed set is a very demure way of adding some detail to our quite neutral bedroom.

The cotton is really soft and cosy, which is impressive for just £18!



Bedding, Matalan

I’d like to say my boyfriend loves it too, although I’m not sure he’s even noticed it’s changed!

Gino D’Acampo Restaurant Leeds

If you get the chance to visit Gino D’Acampo restaurant in Leeds City Centre then take it!

Last month I was lucky enough to be treated to a meal there and it was truly amazing.


As you may or may not know, I visited Riva Del Garda in Italy last year where I became partial to a local cocktail known as Hugo. A mixture of prosecco, soda water and elderflower with a touch of mint makes it tasty, refreshing and MOREISH. Naturally, when I saw these on the menu I had to order 1 (or 2, or 3, or 10)!


I’m not normally a fan of bruschetta, but this version was delicious. The toasted bread was topped with lemon mayonnaise and fried cod balls and was the perfect start to my meal.


For my main, I chose Sea Bass. I am a big fan of Sea Bass and usually treat myself to it when we go out so feel I have had my fair share. The sea bass was cooked with olive oil, Mediterranean vegetables and various herbs – I’m not sure what but it was very tasty.


I am addicted to ice cream so obviously I had some gelato to finish!

I would definitely recommend!

Fern xox

Embracing Embroidery

Flowers are one of my favourite things so naturally I love the delicate embroidery details featured on clothes at the moment.

Despite telling myself I’d be good and stop shopping, I knew I had to buy this Topshop number when I spotted it on my nightly browse online!

I love the neckline and the way this denim shift dress fits. It’s not too baggy and not too tight so I feel like it flatters my shape.

I’m a bit of a plain Jane and tend to stick to neutral colours which is part of the reason I love this dress; it’s pretty but simple.


(Please pardon the messy room, I’m still sorting my house out!)


Dress, Topshop

Blouse, New Look

I’m loving flared sleeves at the moment and thought this pretty pink blouse from New Look will make the perfect companion to this dress throughout the colder months.

Versatility is quite important to me and I’m fairly sure I’ll be able to wear this dress with sandals in the summer, making it an even better buy!




Shears Yard

There’s nothing better than great food and great company and that’s exactly what I got when I visited Shears Yard last Friday!

Having never been before, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I looked at the menu online. Although everything sounded tasty, the combination of flavours surprised me.

Of course, I had nothing to worry about as the food was exceptional!

I tried the poached salmon to start with. It was light, fresh and tasty, without being too much.

For my main dish, I went with the cod. As the restaurant only uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients, it was slightly different to what is advertised online. The cod was meaty and tasty. It came on a bed of spicy beans which perfectly complimented it. I could happily eat it again right now!


The restaurant itself is beautiful. It’s high ceilings, open brickwork and long light fittings set the perfect atmosphere for a fun, drunken evening with friends!


Finishing Touches (Pt. 1)

These past few months have been hectic to say the least!

Decorating my home, moving in, changing jobs and getting things in order has taken over but I’m excited to start sharing what I’ve been up to!

I absolutely love home accessories; I could literally go mad and buy loads! However, I believe that the best homes are simple, uncluttered and tidy and so I am trying to stick to my beliefs!

My living room is fairly neutral… a part from the pink flowers on the wall! I’ve tried to keep everything else fairly neutral and have tried to stick to grey/silver/beige tones to keep it warm, classy and homely.

Two of my favourite accessories include my pink vase and my super soft, shaggy, slightly shiny rug.


Pink Vase, Next, £16

I love this vase. It looks beautiful on my mantlepiece and perfectly compliments my wallpaper (wallpaper to be discussed in future blog posts). The flowers are fake, which I am normally against however I love this pale pink bouquet from The Range!

For me, they make the room look fresh and bright; the best combination!


Similar version here

My rug is definitely one of my favourite things in the whole house. It’s a beige/mink sort of colour and looks beautiful against our wooden floors. Every time someone new visits the house, they compliment our rug! It’s warm, cosy and snug and feels lovely to lie on, especially when the fire is on!

Accessories are definitely the things that make a house a home and I can’t wait to share more with you!