Festive Fashion

Christmas is definately one of the best times of year for Fashion. It’s all about feeling glamourous and looking your best at the various social occassions you are attending. Elegance is important to remain glamourous, so who better to channel than Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. The 1950’s was an era of beautiful, charasmatic women who remain fashion icons to this day. Which is why when considering Christmas fashions it is important to have a sophisticated charisma about you.
So many high street dresses are channeling 1920s-1950s style this season but these three are my favourite.

 Topshop £95              Topshop £65                         Miss Selfridge £45

Sequins are perfect for the season but too many can look slightly common, a characteristic you don’t want when it is the time to shine. Stay wary and keep the sequins demure, for example I own a black sequinned shift dress from Topshop which I believe looks very elegant teamed with simple heels and a matching bag. They also do the dress in silver which would look quite dazzling teamed with black accessories. Sequins only begin to look over done when they are matched with other sequins or multi coloured, so just be careful when planning your outfits.
The 1960’s is not an era to forget when it comes to fabulous fashions and this Topshop dress is perfect to channel your inner Twiggy. At £85 it is quite expensive at this time of year but would look amazing with simple accessories and a flick of black eye liner.

Chiffion is a delicate, angelic material which would look quite bewitching this season. Its graceful soft layers suit any shape and look classy without having to try hard. There are many chiffon dresses in the shops at the minute but here are my favourites.

Ark £61.99

Topshop playsuit £45           New Look £35                        River Island £35
Velvet is a rich, exqusite material which appears often at this time of year. It is easy to wear as the material hangs easily. Often in blacks, purples and blue hues it fits the party season perfectly and looks enticing on those who are wearing it.

Ark £16.99                  Ark £24.99                            Urban Outfitters £65 
The high street is full of magnificent dresses right now so there is something to suit every taste, shape, price and size. Festive Fashion is easy, just think glamour!

-Fern xox




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