Tartan up

Like me when you think of tartan do you picture a Scottish kilt? Well if so then it is time to change your vision and get involved in the print that is sweeping the high street.

Tartan was a key trend to emerge from the AW12 London Fashion week and featured heavily on designer Corrie Nielsen’s catwalks as well as making an appearance on VivienneWestwoods.
Whilst you may think it hasn’t been popular for very long, tartan has actually been around for thousands of years and different tartans used to symbolise different clans in Scotland, who used it to determine their friends and enemies. Royal visits to Scotland from King George IV and later one from Queen Victoria popularised the pattern even more.

So it is no suprise that the designs at this years AW12 were all quite well tailored as if to reflect an aristotic manner. Designs varied from pencil skirts to tailored trousers and would look great for work. Corrie Nielsen was inspired by looking back at her own heritage.
Vivienne Westwood also showcased tailored tartan in her collection,bringing a chic twist to the modern womans wardrobe.

Of course, I won’t be able to afford any designer tartan anytime soon, so here are my favourite high street pieces.
H&M 19.99
River Island £30
River Island £55
Topshop £100 for both items. Shorts £32, Blazer £68

Topshop £32

Miss Guided £26.99
Tartan is timeless, so it is definately worth an investment.
-Fern xox


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