Tanya Lacey

Tanya Lacey is a 25 year old, british soulful singer. You may not know her as a stand alone artist but do you remember Loick Essiens ‘How we Roll’? The song reached No.2 in the UK singles chart which she wrote and also featured on.
Tanya’s musical talent varies. She has previously belonged to reggae band whom she toured with and worked with Labrinth when he was unknown and produced songs. She co-wrote Will.I.Am’s ‘The Hardest Ever’ and has recently helped write songs for Stooshe and Cover Drive. Recently she supported Bruno Mars on his 2011 UK tour. Her voice is diverse; she can rap and sing effortlessly.
Her songs have an element of freshness to them, R ‘n’ B vibes mixed with true emotions combine to make original sounds. Her debut EP, Head Chef, boasts a mixture of catchy sounds. My favourites are…
Tanya’s fashion sense is also something to watch out for. Her signature blonde locks with bubblegum pink ends are becoming a trademark. Stylish and eccentric, it is clear her multi-cultural, urban roots have influenced her fashion.

For more information about Tanya Lacey visit her website http://www.tanyalaceyofficial.com/
All information is from Tanyas website, youtube and wiki.
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