A Black & White Era

A lot of the best things come in black and white. The old classic films such as Breakfast at Tiffanys and Some Like it Hot. The legendary actresses Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe that star in them with their natural beauty and elegance. An old novel – Oliver Twist is still a charming read. Twiggy’s iconic photograph from the sixties which still remains one of fashions most famous photos to this day. Fashion has always known this but lately the high street has had a lot more to offer on the simple but timeless trend.

There is a new era of black and white. Moschino used the simplicity of monochrome to create these looks in their SS13 collection and the high street offers some truly spectacular versions for you to get your hands on.                         

Left: £19.99 Right: 7.99. H&M
 Skirt: £28 Dress: £35 Both Motel Rocks
(Use my Code!)

 Bag: £28 Skirt: £22 Both Topshop
 Shirt: £20 Topshop Dress: £19.99 New Look
You could take this look to the next level and add it to you beauty regime. Darker eyebrows combined with white & black eyeliner would guarntee you to stand out in the fashion crowd.
-Fern xox

-Images from google, H&M, Topshop, Motel Rocks and New Looks websites.

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