My Miracle worker

 So yesterday I woke up with horrificly chapped lips that looked disgusting when I tried to put a new lipstick on I had been excited to wear. The cold weather always affects my lips quite a lot but this time they were chapped badly even for me.
Usually I just use my tub of Vaseline or my pot of Body Shop lip balm but this time nothing was really having an affect.
Whilst out shopping I called in Primark and bought some new tights and whilst at the till I noticed these tubes of Carmex. I’ve seen my friends use Carmex before but have always just thought it’s another version of Vaseline so I don’t need it. However, it was only £1 so I thought i’d give it a try.
Definately £1 well spent! I started using it straight away and that evening before bed could already tell a difference. I put some on before bed and woke up with almost perfect lips.
Yes, they are still slightly chapped but I have never seen such a quick difference. I am still going to keep using it until they are completely back to normal. Carmex is the best thing I could reccommend for chapped lips and is a bargain.
-Fern xox

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