Pampering Perfection

Possibly one of my favourite Christmas presents this year, Fearne Cottons Bag of Treats is without doubt the perfect way to pamper your skin.
The set includes body lotion, body polish, body spray and a white shower scrub which I haven’t included in the picture as it is currently in my shower.
My skin has been feeling a bit neglected lately. I’ve been working a lot recently so haven’t had the chance to pamper my skin quite as much as I’d like to but this set has worked wonders.
Using the body wash with the body scrub in the shower has really exfoliated my skin well. I believe it is very important to moisturise your whole body once you have showered to stop it drying out and prevent aging. The sets scent smells heavenly and I am having to limit my usage as I want it to last forever!
The body spray is also very handy, I use my normal perfume in the morning but I’ve popped it in my bag incase I need a refresh during the day.
The bag which the lotions come in has also come in handy. I’ve needed to buy a new make-up bag for ages and this fits the bill prefectly. Nautical is in fashion so it’s given me a stylish make-up bag as well!
This set is gorgeous and was definately one of my favourite gifts I recieved. I will definately be buying it for myself next year as well as for my friends!
-Fern xox


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