Playing it cool

Seeing as though I haven’t blogged in a while I thought I would make my latest post an outfit post.
Last night, I went out for my friends birthday celebrations. Being a student in Newcastle, I usually only go out during the week as it is cheaper, which often means it’s only fellow students out as well.
When I go out during the week, I like to make an effort but not look too over the top – students are known for their laid back, cool, affordable but stylish attire. However, last night was a Saturday so I was a bit stuck with what to wear.
This is my outfit I decided to go for. I chose this because I felt it was fashionable and looked as though I had made more of an effort than normal, as lately I have just been opting for metallic/leather leggings to keep me warm.
This bronze, lace skirt is lovely and so easy to wear. I think skater skirts suit almost everyone and can be worn in a variety of ways. I have worn this skirt with a jumper before and plan to wear it with a blouse too.
Crop tops are everywhere at the moment and I love this one from New Look, which was also a bargain at £7.99.
Boots and frilly socks are my favourite combination at the moment and I think they worked really well with this outfit. They also look great during the day time with chelsea boots or converse so I definately reccommend picking yourself a pair up!
-Fern xox
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