Being a runner

Yesterday I did some work experience with The House of Seduction for their launch of their new collection so thought I would share my experience with you.
I was a bit worried before hand as I didn’t exactly know what being a runner entailed – I was unsure whether I would get stressed out easily or not be able to work under pressure but to my suprise I managed to get through everything calmly and correctly.
Being a runner is amazing. Together with another runner named Katie and the organiser of the event Louise, we looked at each outfit carefully and then styled each model with an outfit that suited them but also allowed The House of Seduction collection to be showcased.
Working with models is quite a task. Some were fussy with what they wore and what they showed. Some refused to have their bottoms on show whilst others didn’t care – one wore some nipple tassels we gave her  and looked amazing. She definately had more guts than me! We also chose the accessories that the models would carry. These varied from whips, paddles and feather fans and really complimented the lingerie set they were wearing.
The lingerie itself is definately worth a look at. It is a bit more up market so is more expensive than what you would normally pay for a set however they are very high quality and would definately go down a treat on valentines day! Satin corsets, silky bras, lace eye masks, stockings and suspenders were just a few of the items and whilst they were quite sexy they were also lovely to look at – you would definately feel good about yourself wearing them.
Once we had styled each outfit we then had to create a running order for the models to walk in. As they each had two outfits we had to prepare ourselves for the quick change in between. I initally thought this would be the hardest part of the evening but when we actually did it I am happy to say it all went smoothly and each model was ready in time for their second walk.
Setting up the venue was all fun. The show was held at The Fat Buddha in Newcastle which is an upmarket, classy chinese resteraunt. We had to make sure each table was supplied with goody bags, flyers, a centre piece and drinks. Sorting out the drinks was one of the few things that didn’t work out as it should of, but once the bar was informed drinks were dispactched where they were supposed to be.
Being a runner was a great opportunity. It has made me realise that I am interested in events, especially those involving fashion and that I may want to persue it in the future. I do think for my first experience I was lucky that it ran so smoothly – but I do think that is because we worked hard to make sure everything went as it should. It wasn’t an easy job but it was definately one I enjoyed.

-Fern xox


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