Hair Therapy

Argania Hair oil is just what you need if your hair is not in the most glorious condition.
I dye my hair blonde which involves bleach, so I obviously expect it to not be in it’s natural condition but want to keep it as healthy as I can.
Recently, I have become more conscious of not wanting dry hair and have tried various different products to prevent it. Argania has by far been my favourite: all you need is a small drop onto the palm of your hand and you can really feel the results. I rub it into my hair when its damp about twice a week. You can also do it when it’s dry, it’s entirely upto you.
My hair feels smoother, thicker and healthier. I have quite thin hair so anything that makes it feel thicker is a bonus for me.
Pick this up at Boots for £14.99 – not a bad considering it will last a while. I have had mine since Christmas and haven’t even used a quater yet. Without doubt an investment buy. 
-Fern xox

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