Guilty Pleasure

We all have a guilty pleasure don’t we. Something we love that we either keep secret or just forget to mention to people. Or maybe, if your like me it’s something people don’t expect you to like.
Mine is Rap music, specifically DRAKE. I think if you meet me and judge me you’d probably expect me to like pop, girly music. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I have loved Drake for a long time: not only do I love his songs but I also think he is super hot and super cool.
His last album ‘Take Care’ was amazing, and if you haven’t listened to all the songs then you definately need to. I won’t give you a full blown review as it was out over a year ago now and I wouldn’t want to patronise you with the details – but please listen to it.
Drake’s been a little bit quieter as of late on the music front but I am so happy he has released a new song ‘Started from the Bottom’.
The video to this song is one of my favourties of Drake’s. His personality is obvious in the video which makes it an exciting watch. He seems so excited to be there and looks like he genuinely loves life – it’s an infectious attitude.
Drake may not be to everyones taste but I am a huge fan and would definately reccommend a listen.
-Fern xox


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