Sweet Thing

I confess, I have a huge sweet tooth or maybe all my teeth are sweet as that’s the only food I ever fancy!

I try to keep my sweet teeth on a tight rein and not give in to my cravings for sweets and chocolates but sometimes it just gets the better of me. Living a healthy lifestyle is very important which is why I am on a mission to find tasty food that I like which is still full of nutrients.

So lately I’ve began to think what can I eat when I get these cravings, which are not only sweet but are healthy?

Fruit and Fibre bread is the answer to my sweet needs. Brown bread containing raisins means I’m eating healthy and getting iron that our bodies need. Two slices toasted is perfect for lunch. Not only is it a healthy alternative to eating sweets/chocolate after a sandwich, it has lots of fibre in it to keep you regular.

And why not make it more exciting with a spread of jam and a banana cut up on top. A perfect way to get one of your five a day and fills you up until tea time.

So why not try this and tell me what you think?

-Fern xox

For more info about me visit: http://fashionoccurance.blogspot.co.uk/p/fern.html

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