Hair Necessity

Unfortunately, due to being a busy little bee, I haven’t been able to blog in a while! Hopefully I am back on track now though and can post regularly.
So, because I haven’t written anything in a while I thought I’d dedicate my next few posts to items I just can’t live without. We all have things we rely on every day to make us look and feel good about ourselves so I thought why not share mine.
I don’t know about you but I get very bored with my hair always looking the same. I only ever seem to wear it down with layers pinned back (as I’m growing them out) so I constantly try and think of different style. There’s not really that much you can do so it’s either curly or straight.
 My Babyliss curling wand is my most favourite way to curl my hair. It heats up extremely quickly and doesn’t take long to create the perfect bouncy curls. They also last ages. I can curl my hair one day and providing it hasn’t become greasy by the next day, I don’t need to do it again.
They are also very simple to use. You do need to wear the glove they provide as they do get hot and you could potentially burn your hand. You simply just put the glove on, select a piece of hair and wrap it around the wand. It is entirely up to you how long you hold it there for. For big curls I’d say about twenty seconds where as a simple wave only needs around five. If you want ringlets you would section your hair into tiny pieces to wrap around the wand but for larger curls I would have a bigger section of hair.
On my pictures I have curled my hair for about ten seconds each as I like it a bit bouncy but not too over the top for day time. I love this look for the day as it shows you have made some effort but haven’t gone too over board. I would definitely recommend purchasing a curling wand if you don’t already have one. I do sometimes curl my hair with my straightners but I find the curling wand achieves much better results.
What’s your favourite way to do your hair?

 Fern xox


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