Lipstick is a must have and something I can’t live without. It finishes off your make up nicely and can make or break an outfit. A quick application of red lippy can make any outfit more sophisticated.
My current favourites are my YSL bright pink lipstick and my Topshop Whimsical lipstick.
The YSL lipstick was purchased using some spare Euros in an airport on my way home from my last holiday. Being blonde, I love pink shades of lipstick as I think it compliments my hair and skin tone well.


The Topshop Whimsical is a gorgeous shade. It’s kind of a pastel orange and is a great day time look. It keeps me looking quite natural and isn’t too over the top during the day.
(The picture doesn’t do the colour justice but it is a lovely shade!)
There are so many different shades out there which means finding the right shade for you is easy. Mac has a huge variety of shades to choose from. Topshop’s collection of lipsticks is also impressive and very purse friendly.
My YSL is my favourite however I do have a slight obsession with YSL. I once took part in some work experience with them which made me absolutely love the brand and I have ever since.
When applying lipstick I always put some lip balm on first so the colour doesn’t stick too much. My lips are also prone to getting dry which lipstick can sometimes draw attention to but a little balm helps a lot.
What’s you favourite shade of lipstick?
-Fern xox


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