A Wedge of Summer

Snow is still here and Spring is struggling to rid us of the cold, white weather. I for one am not happy about this. We all love a bit of snow but when it’s still here in March it becomes a bit of a nuisance. For me especially, as I am celebrating my 21stthis week and it shall be the first time in 21 years I have ever had a white birthday!
My plan is to ignore the snow and start planning my summer wardrobe. I am now on the hunt for vibrant items which will brighten up this wintery time. Finding online fashion websites that I haven’t used before is becoming a little hobby of mine. I can spend hours on end finding new fashion websites and then looking at all their lovely items. Often I add a lot of items to my basket but when it comes to check out I remember I am a student and probably can’t afford all these gorgeous things.

A few weeks ago I came across Bershka. Bershka is a Spanish brand aimed at the younger generation. They have so many different styles to choose from I wanted everything from their ladies section. However, I was actually looking for some pink/coral shoes to wear for my birthday and I happened to come across these beauties.


They are a beautiful pinkish, coral colour and will go perfectly with the dress I’ve bought to wear. I love wedges just because they are so comfortable and always remind me of summer. They are definitely an investment as they will look great in the June/ July/August months, no matter what the weather is like!

Ankle straps are a must have for me when I’m looking for new heels/wedges. My ankles are quite skinny and can sometimes be a little weak, so any extra support is a bonus.
 At just £30 they are a bargain!
Bershka’s service was excellent. They dispatched my item immediately, texted and emailed me when my parcel would be delivered and were right on time. I would definitely recommend shopping with Bershka to add something different to your wardrobe.
          Fern xox
Have a look 🙂

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