Green Fever

Neon is a big hit this season and I just can’t get enough! Bright oranges, greens, pinks and yellows seem to be everywhere on the high street and are definately a wadrobe staple.
I’ve already purchased a neon orange top which I love and mentioned in a previous post however now I can’t get enough of green.
Cami’s are one of my favourite things to wear in summer so when I spotted this green one on Missguided I couldn’t resist. Floaty but simple, it’s the perfect way to incorporate the neon trend into your wardrobe without feeling too over the top. I can’t wait to wear it with some high waisted pants, shorts or perhaps even a midi skirt.
Accessores are key to finishing off any outfit and I love this statement necklace and bracelet from New Look. They’ll look great with this top but will also brighten up any outfit. Accesories are the perfect and also cheapest way to update a look  – I’ll be wearing these many times!
I’ve been on the look out for a summery clutch bag for a while so when I came across this yellowish green one on New Look’s website I ordered it straight away. At just £9.99, minus student discount it was an absolute bargain! I won’t be wearing the top, bag, necklace and bracelet together as it may be a little too much, but this bag will definately serve me well.  
Neon green is my staple this summer, what’s yours?
-Fern xox

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