The Flapper

If I could choose to be from any other era than the current it would be the 1920’s. Simply because I want to be a flapper.
For me, flappers are a symbol of emancipation for women. They stepped into the 1920’s and broke all the rules. Short hair, short skirts, lots of make-up and plenty of partying – these women were a new breed. They drank, stayed out late, smoked, drove and generally had a good time. They changed the way women were percieved and proved how independant and strong we are.

Their fashion was amazing. Dresses were tassled, beaded, shortened, embrodied, laced and loosened. Stockings were on show and hair was bobbed, waved and dyed. Coco Chanel introduced shift dresses, long loose blouses and of course, the staple black dress. The way women dressed was changed for ever.
Recently, I celebrated my 21st. I’ve always loved the flapper style so decided this would be the theme of my celebrations. I opted for a modern twist on the dress, teamed with a feather boa and a head piece. Flapper dresses are timeless – this dress will remain in my wardrobe for many years to come.
Dress- Asos

The Great Gatsby hits the big screen on May the 10th. Set in the 1920’s it tells a tale of writer who moves to New York. Here he meets Gatsby and the story unfolds. Whilst I have read the book and love the story, I am most excited for the costumes. Catherine Martin worked with Miuccia Prada to create the dresses which, from what I have seen from the trailer, are divine.
The soundtrack is also worth a listen! Emeli Sande’s cover of Crazy In Love is amazing!
You also need to check out Andre 3000’s and Beyonces version of Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black.

                       Flappers in Leeds


– Fern xox

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