Newcastle Fashion Week

Recently I was lucky enough to gain some work experience with Newcastle Fashion week.
It was an amazing opportunity and I’m really glad I did it. On my first day I worked at Newcastle Fashion weekend at Northumbria Student’s union and was lucky enough to meet Victoria White – the editor of Company magazine.
Victoria is actually from Newcastle and has had a career which I am very jealous of. In April I attended the Company fashion forum in Manchester where I met her and other industry professional’s. They were very informative of how to get into the fashion industry and the key thing I learnt was that it is crucial to stand out and work hard.
I was also featured on their website following this which was a bonus!
Working at Newcastle Fashion week was very insightful. The fashion industry is stressful but definately worth it! I helped pop up shops to get set up, dressed and styled models, made sure everything was on schedule and generally did what I was asked.

I am really glad I took part, not only will it look great on my CV but I feel much more confident in my abilties and know it is definately the industry I’d like to be involved in. I would definately advise anyone else wanting to work in fashion to get any related work experience you can, no matter how big or small.
-Fern xox

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