Shadey Ladies

 Sunglasses- the summer staple.
Yes ladies, it’s time to get shadey! Remember a good pair of sunglasses can do a lot of things. They protect your eyes from the sun, compliment your outfit and are the perfect way to hide your face when not wanting to be seen. Therefore, buying the correct pair is an important decision and one NOT to be rushed.
Sunglasses come in so many shapes and sizes it is important you choose the correct ones. If you have a small face and nose, then you don’t want them too large as you may look slightly bug like. If your jaw is a square shape I would avoid square glasses and go for something more circular or aviators.
This year round sunglasses are everywhere. It’s time to take inspiration from the legend that is John Lennon. Beyonce, Rihanna and Rita Ora have all been seen sporting a circular pair and if it’s good enough for them then it’s good enough for us!

 These sunglasses were an absolute bargain from Peacocks. They were only £5 and I bought them as a tester pair. At first I was unsure whether I would suit them but now I have fallen in love. So much that I am currently on the lookout for another pair in a lighter shade. The high street has cottoned on to the trend so I’m sure it’ll be an easy task.
The dream pair would be from Wild Fox. There sunglasses are gorgeous but unfortunately don’t work with my student budget. If you want to make a serious investment in your shades then I would definitely recommend checking them out!
 Are you on the lookout for some round shades?
-Fern xox


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