The Zara Skort

zara skort
For a long time now I have wanted this beautiful skort from Zara. However, I have stopped myself from buying it due to the fact that it’s so popular. This, of course, is a good thing but I just hate it when you’re out somewhere and you see someone wearing the same thing as you.
Sure, we all have our own sense of style and different body shapes, so the chances of bumping into someone in the exact same outfit are slim. Yet, it still put me off for so long.
Finally, on Friday whilst shopping in Leeds I purchased it. I just could not resist any longer. There were two left, my size and a bigger one so I took it as fate. It was calling out to me and I knew I had no choice but to buy it. We were meant to be.
I am sooo so SO glad I did. I just love it. I haven’t yet worn it as I’m saving it for a special occasion to debut it. Once I have though I doubt I’ll ever take it off. I am now even considering buying the orange version! It is just so versatile and could be worn a variety of ways – the perfect wardrobe piece.
The one thing I have learnt from this is to just buy something you want regardless of how many other people have it. It obviously means you have good taste… and choosing not to purchase something you want so badly is just torture! Silly me!
What have you been lusting after lately?
– Fern xox


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