Baby Shower


Recently, one of my best friends, Lucy, had a Baby Shower to celebrate her pregnancy with her first child. As she is the first of my friends to be pregnant I was really excited to attend! Her Mum sorted out the decorations, food and drinks whilst myself and two other friends, Danielle and Evi thought of games that the guest’s could play.


Lucy’s Mum baked some amazing gingerbread biscuits shaped as prams and teddies.


Danielle and I tried to be helpful and bake some buns however they didn’t quite go to plan. Out of the 12 we baked only 6 survived as the rest spilled out of their bun cases… at least we tried.


And our other friend, Kelly baked one of the most spectacular cakes I’ve ever seen!

kellys cake

The games were hard at first to think of, we were slightly dubious as to whether people would join in. As Lucy’s friends and family were attending we wanted to make them interesting to everyone.

We decided to play three games. The first was guess the chocolate nappy. We crushed different chocolates onto nappies, so they looked like baby poo and then asked each player to guess the chocolate. At first, I thought people would find them really easy but was actually surprised by how hard it was.


We used Aero bubbles, Rolo’s, Creme Egg Twisted, Toffee Crisp and Nutella. The Rolo’s and Toffee Crisp caught people out most so in the end there was only one winner.

Our second game was pass the parcel. We wrapped up a pregnancy test as a joke prize and then layered it with sweets. As young children were at the shower we made sure the end parcel landed on an adult.

The third game was pin the dummy on the baby. Each player was given a dummy with their name on, blind folded and then spun around ten times. They then had to try and pin the dummy on the baby’s mouth. This game was my favourite. People expected it to be really easy but after being spun around were surprised by how far away their dummy landed.


Our other game was a raffle. Each guest had to write their prediction of the baby’s birth date, sex, weight and time and put a pound in a pot. The money collected is a nice little starter for the baby’s saving account and the winner is yet to be revealed!


The Baby Shower was lovely and Lucy and the baby were very spoilt. Everyone was really generous and bought lots of presents that will come in useful once the baby arrives. Now all that’s left to do is to wait for the baby to make an appearance… I can’t wait!

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