Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair


Today I attended Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair at Northumbria Student’s Union. There were lots of stalls stocking beautiful vintage clothing, jewellery, shoes and accessories.




There were gorgeous, silk vintage skirts, silk patterned scarves, tartan scarves, re-worked Levi shorts, waistcoats, patterned dresses… the list is endless! I particularly liked rummaging through the scarf bins in search for a tartan scarf. Whilst there were a lot to choose from I didn’t end up buying one as there weren’t any as long as I would have liked.


However, I did buy a vintage necklace and ring. The ring was £4 and the necklace £5 – bargains! I love the necklace as I think it’s quite a statement piece that will brighten up plain outfits. I don’t have many statement rings as I always wear a silver one that was a gift to me so decided I’d get something else silver to match. This ring drew me to it due to it’s bright turquoise stone – a colour I like and can’t wait to wear!

I didn’t end up buying any clothing due to there being nowhere to try items on. I found a short, patterned skirt but I am so picky about sizing and fit I decided I couldn’t risk it.

The Vintage Fair had so much to offer I would recommend anyone visiting. The fair tours around the UK so will definitely be coming to a city near you.

Fern xox

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