A slick of lipstick is the finishing touch to any outfit. For me, they complete the look. Usually I stick to my favourite; a soft pink  from MAC called Cremecup. However, a recent night out resulted in the loss of that and since then I have been on the hunt for the perfect replacement.

To my surprise, I have actually found a really similar one from Topshop for just over half the price.



Innocent represents the lipstick perfectly: soft in colour and soft in texture, it is both practical and pretty for every day wear. A very happy purchase!



Recently, I decided to venture into unknown territory and be more daring in my choice of lipstick. I chose to go with a Barry M shade, much brighter than my usual selection and at first I did feel a little conscious.



The reddish tone is much more louder than I am used to. I dislike drawing attention to myself so was worried when I first wore this but my mind has been completely changed. I think the tone is quite flattering and is a welcome alternative to my simple pink.



The only down fall is I have a slight habit of getting it onto my teeth without realising, so often need teeth checks with my friends!

Oh and another downfall, my morning routine is extended by the extremely hard question… pink or red?

Fern xox


  1. December 15, 2013 / 2:07 pm

    Pretty shades, I love the red x

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