The famous quote, so often repeated yet not always explained, originally spoken by the legendary Yves Saint Laurent. The meaning of the words really is quite fabulous and is something that I believe every woman should live by. Clever and influential, it is just one of the reasons Yves Saint Laurent is my favourite designer.

I suppose my fascination with Yves Saint Laurent first began when I was 14. I was in year 10 and had to do a week works experience. Initially unsure of what I actually wanted to do and eventually I ended up at Debenhams. Much to my surprise I enjoyed my week there, though the day I will always remember is the day I assisted on the YSL beauty counter. The sales assistant immediately captivated me; whilst giving me a make over she educated me with her knowledge of the brand, and since then I have been obsessed.

YSL beauty is just amazing. My personal favourites are the Perfect Touch foundation (£36) and the Touché Éclat (£25). Both are light weight, soft and smell divine… your skin feels beautiful after application and provides a glowing complexion.

I am also a fan of the YSL lipsticks. Their colours are strong and stay throughout the day – everything you want in your lip colour.

The clothing and shoes are equally amazing, but for me, my true desire is to own a Saint Laurent purse along with a matching bag (one day!).

More recently, I have discovered more about Yves Saint Laurent. His designs reinvented the way women dressed and thought about fashion. His most iconic creation has to be le smoking: the tuxedo suit which really pushed female tailoring into women’s wardrobes. He also is responsible for creating the jumpsuit and popularising the use of ethnic models on the catwalk. He was the first of the courtiers to open a ready to wear boutique: providing staple pieces that women could wear over and over again. Yves Saint Laurent really understood style and supplied women with the means to form their own.

Betty Catroux, Yves Saint Laurent and Loulou de la Falaise at his Rive Gauche boutique opening in 1969. (Image: cocktailsandcrinlines).

The courtier was  a lover of beautiful aesthetics. His art collection was simply huge, boasting 733 pieces of work. Yet, he explored his love of art further, through his ‘collection’ of muses. Glamorous, stylish and spectacular, his muses included some of the most beautiful women of last century. Catherine Deneuve, Betty Catroux, Loulou de la Falaise and Bianca Jagger are just a few of the wondrous beings associated with Saint Laurent and not only were they regular customers, they were devoted friends.

Catherine Deneuve and Yves Saint Laurent in 1966.

There is so much more to Yves Saint Laurent’s life. His world was full of exciting events and he achieved many accomplishments. He created collection after collection of designs which were regularly met with praise and contributed a vast amount to the fashion industry. His personal life, whilst filled with beauty was also hindered by his personal anguish. The courtier, magnificent in talent yet filled with despair, is one of the most fascinating men I have ever read about.

Who is your favourite designer?

Fern xox

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