First home purchases

So, I recently took a huge step and bought a house with my boyfriend which has been a long, lovely, stressful, scary, daunting and tiring experience, but also worth it!

The house is also lovely, but is currently a building site as we sort out the kitchen, living room fire place and bathroom and whilst it’s all very exciting, it’s also all very expensive! But still, it is worth it!

However last week, after looking at a kitchen with no celling, a bathroom floor with a hole in and a living room with no floor for too long I decided it was time to buy some homely items, just to cheer myself up if nothing else.

I’ve seen so many beautiful home items in so many different shops from Next to The Range, but after checking my emails and finding a Sale mailer from Zara, it just had to be Zara Home!

I haven’t quite decided how I want to decorate everywhere yet, so I thought it would be best to play it safe and bought a cushion and a vase… small but satisfying for my need to home shop!



My colour cushion has now sold out, but in real life it is a beautiful warm beige with a sheen. You can find similar here.

I love vases that just hold one flower, and I love silver that has a worn-ness to it, so naturally I love this vase, which is still available here.

I have nowhere to put them at the moment, as the house isn’t remotely furnished yet, but they are currently sat in my bedroom at my parents house looking beautiful! Like I said earlier… it is worth it!


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