Happy Pamper

We all get to that point on a Sunday evening where we realise, tomorrow is Monday and there’s five wholeeeee days until weekend fun can begin again! And even though you like your job, you still wish there was one extra day in the weekend!

To help me get over the Sunday blues, I find a little pamper works wonders. I have a number of favourite products which I will share over the coming weeks, but my favourite is my Temple Spa Purification Mask.

It feels and smells heavenly.

Admittedly, it does smell a little like sea weed so it might not be everyones cup of tea, but I love it.

You only need a small amount, as it glides onto the skin and spreads evenly across your t-zone, forehead, cheeks and chin.

You only need to leave it on for half an hour before taking it off with a warm flannel. I’d recommend using a dark flannel as it could discolour a lighter one.

Once removed, your skin feels fresh, light and clean. I find I look and feel brighter the next morning, which makes applying Monday’s face a lot easier!

I’ve used the mask a few times, and still have loads less so it is definitely worth it’s £25.

Happy Pamper!


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