Knee Highs

Since seeing this photo of Kendall Jenner I have become a little obsessed with knee high boots, but can’t quite commit to buying any.


There’s a few reasons why…

  1. Can I pull them off?
  2. Will I look like Kendall Jenner?
  3. Or will I look like a… I’m sure you can guess what!

There’s also so many out there, it’s really hard to choose!

Do I be sensible and buy flat boots? Do I buy them for ‘going out-out’? Do I buy black or a lighter colour, which knowing me I would ruin pretty quick?!

Ah, the deliberations are endless… but I’ve managed to narrow it down to my top 3.

in-the-style-44-99-copyIn The Style, £44.99

These In The Style beauties are perfect for daytime and night time, and are a little bit different to a normal pair of black boots due to their tortoise shell heel. I think they’d look fabulous dressed up or down… but being me, would I be able to walk in them?

Next up are these lovely New Look light brown/greyish boots which I think would look amazing teamed with a cami dress, like Kendall.


New Look, £44.99

I’m not sure if I personally could pull them off, but I’d like to give it a go!

Finally, I am in love with these ASOS babies, but they’re brown, and I have nothing that matches brown. OF COURSE, any reason to buy a whole new wardrobe is fine normally… but having recently bought a house, it’s not ideal.


Asos, £65

Still though, they are rather beautiful!

Which would you buy?


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